Issue #162 – The man behind

Issue #162


Surfing & Cruising

The man behind

by Bret Kelly

David K. of Nightcharm is a unique Webmaster. He develops
and maintains one of the more interesting and definitely one of
the most credible gay erotica sites on the Internet. The design is
visually stunning and the content extremely detailed. I asked
him to answer a few questions:

What is all about, in 50 words or less?

Nightcharm is an alternative queer porn zine that happens to
be housed on the Net. There’s nothin’ else like it “out there.”
But you knew that already.

Why did you decide to create

As a Buddhist I wanted to do my part to help break the seem-

want to call It.

What do you see in the future for

I’m getting itchy to do some print (magazine or book) stuff.
I’m a publisher from way back, and I’m starting to miss the
smell of ink.

Why did you feature Toronto writer/filmmaker Bruce La
Bruce on your site?

We interviewed him last year after his first porn flick Skin
Gang was released. I’m a big fan of smart, dissident voices with-
in the whole “gay lifestyle” clap trap.

Will you have any other “celebrities” contributing to your

Sure, Nightcharm’s always going the distance to bring the
biggest, longest, thickest, deepest most original meat on the mar-

Have you met any famous people in the porn biz?

Not too sound to Julie Andrew-ish, but I don’t care much for
the “porn biz” per se. I’m a Cancerian homeboy, and my idea of
a fun evening is curling up on the couch with my boyfriend
Alex and our cats and watching Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

Where do you see gay porn heading? Any interesting trends
that you’ve noticed in the business?

Well, I’m waiting for hardcore porn to visually start bridging
this sex/spirit gap. Even if this just means Chi Chi LaRue starts
shooting videos about priests giving blowjobs to their parish-
ioners in the confessionals. Then I’ll know my role as prophet
was not in vain.