Issue #159 – DVDs on your computer

Issue #159


Surfing & Cruising

DVDs on your computer

by Bret Kelly

Something I haven’t touched on, but think it’s time for, is the
subject of DVD [Digital Versatile Disc?) You can play the disks
on your DVD player, but you can also shove them into your
computer. Newer computers come with a DVD/CD ROM drive
but you can’t play a DVD on a regular CD ROM drive, so make
sure your system is properly equipped.

There are only small advantages to playing DVDs on a com-
puter. The extras are pretty much the same on a regular DVD
player except for games -but the ones I’ve come across are pret-
ty lame. A few DVDs even took ‘over my entire system trying to
open up Web browsers and installing unwanted software.
Anything with ‘PC Friendly’ on it is not so friendly. I chuckle
when Ilsee ‘Web links’ listed as a special feature. Then again,
I’ve seen ‘Interactive Menu’ get treated as ‘Extra Bonus’.

One of the cooler things about playing DVDS on the comput-
er is the resolution. It looks way better on a monitor than it does
on a TV screen. I realize it depends on the quality of your com-
puter monitor vs. TV but for most of us the computer monitor
is clearer, though smaller than a regular TV.

Mainstream flicks now come out on DVD at the same time as‘
VHS, so you can get movies like Kiss Me Guido or Trick easily.
At the normal $25 to $50 price range, you might want to pur-
chase only your absolute favourites and rent the others. Glad
Day Bookstore [598 Yonge St.) has a really good and growing
selection of harder to find gay themed DVDs [as well as erotica]
for rent and/or purchase.

Now clarity is great, but some things really don’t need to be
any clearer. I’m talking porn. While viewing a smut flick on
DVD, I was able to count all the zits on the back of a steroid-
induced top man. I found it a little too clinical to be erotic. A
few porn disks even come with a director’s commentary track,

which I personally find amusing. For instance, on the

Gangsters at Large DVD, Kristen Bjorn very seriously discusses
his concept for the movie. What, it’s not just sex? However, if
you are a collector you might want to visit Priape (www.pria-], as they have a selection of erotic DVDs for sale.
Purchases can be made via credit card, COD, phone, fax and
even regular mail. The best part is that their prices are in
Canadian dollars and you don’t have to worry about clearing
Customs. ‘