Issue #158 – You oughta be in pictures

Issue #158


Surfing & Cruising

You oughta be in pictures

by Bret Kelly

One of the more frequently asked questions that I get from
readers is, not surprisingly, usually related to technology. Of
those questions, the big one would be “How do I get a photo
online?” I’ve covered this territory in a previous column but I’ll
recap for the newbies out there.

The last, and easiest, way to get your photo on the Web is
through a video camera. Logitech makes the most popular types
of video Cameras —- these are tiny devices that attach to your
computer. The camera gives you the ability to chat with others
or to take a still image. Prices can vary.

Another interesting concept is Zden (www.zden.comJ. This
newly launched site has the same premise as Zing, except you
can charge for the photos. The photos are stored for free.

Happy snapping!