Issue #149 – Profile of a cam man

Issue #149


Surfing & Cruising

-Profile of a cam man

By Bret Kelly

My recent chat with Mark Allen, who runs a Web cam site

(}, was one of the most bizarre I’ve ever had.

Where are you located? What do you do?

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Typical southern Baptist
white suburban mall kid. I live in New York City now and wor-
ship our Dark Lord Satan (Oh Satan! Please give strength during
this interview!) – going on 10 years now. I have a lot of weird jobs
for work. My social life and work tend to blur together. I used to
work as a go-go boy, then a host/promoter, then one of those hor-
rible velvet rope door people. 1 model sometimes and do acting
occasionally – whatever comes along. I do some desktop publish-
ing and Web design. The other day I was helping a friend build
the interior for a club, so I guess I do construction work too. I’ll do
any job if it pays right. I like to keep cash in a jar on top of the
refrigerator. Keeps my PCP, crack and ether habit in steady supply…

How long have you had your Web cam and why?

I’ve had it for almost a year now. I have a Web Cam to make sure
the “Internet people” hear my side of the story. You see, about a
year ago, Dan Rather snuck into my apartment and placed a tiny
transmitter in my brain while I was sleeping, (I know because my tulip garden had been trampled). He uses this transmitter to broadcast my secret thoughts to the world. He’s on CBS Nightly

News right now talking about my secret thoughts! Turn it on and
you’ll see! Sometimes he talks to me right through the screen!
Anyway, the whole mainstream media is in on it together to
destroy me. I set up a Web Cam, so I could have a.voice too, to set
the story straight. I need a voice too. Hey, wait…you don’t know
Dan Rather do you?

You tend not to have any nudity on your Web cam… are you
staying away from that on purpose?

Yes. There is so much of that around. Plus, I did a porno maga-
zine layout a long time ago for Freshmen magazine. 30, that’s like
a million, zillion years ago for me. Although, I just moved into a
new apartment with my friend Michael and he is a nudist so you
will probably be seeing a lot of HIM nude.

Have you had any weird experiences from the cam? Stalkers,
excitable fans, etc.?

I’m always excited about fans! Oh…THAT kind of “excitable”
fan. I have had one or two “excitable” fans. I had them murdered

One weird thing I’ve noticed about the cam is that when it’s on

  in my room, people’s issues about how the world works or how

they View themselves really seems to be proved THROUGH my » 1  ».   .
cam. People seem initially fascinated by it and their personalities   “ ‘

alter when it’s around – they start to pour out some of their inner-

most thoughts about how they want to be perceived. They get real-

ly reactionary about it. It’s like this weird ego mirror. It radiates a

really powerful aura and it’s just this little round piece of plastic I . .
with a cheap lens on it. ’