Issue #139 – The art of male erotica

Issue #139

Surfing & Cruising

by Bret Kelly

The art of male erotica

Tom of Finland Foundation —
Not—for—ProHr organization dedicated to promoting erotic art.
Detailed information about Tom himself with many works of art on
Male—Art~Toons ——art-toons
This is a fabulous E—group dedicated to collecting jpeg’s of gay erot-
ica. Over 20,000 works all available for free. This is by far the best
gathering optical art fanatics available on the Web.
Gay Art Webring —;list
Small list of links related to gay erotic art. Some are downright dreadful but if you wade through there are some gems to be found.
ButchDick Collection –

San Francisco artists Loren ]. Macias collection of art. Mainly
leather and furry men with original drafts and prints available for pur-

Male Erotic Network —
Mixed bag of artists, models and photographers that require one of
several adult verification systems to access the works. Artist section is

scans. A “Q
Leyland Publications Gay Comics –

Distributor of the highly popular MeatMen comic compilations.

Books available for purchase via check or money order.  ‘
Physique Art of George Quaintance – ‘

Difficult to find works of 405 and 505 painter with high quality

Art of Peter Flinsch — www.virilis.www—

Designer and Art Director for the CBC. Many
works to pursue including portraits, nudes’, erotica and more. The
O’Connor Gallery will mark his 80th birthday with an exhibit in