Issue #129 – Is this the dawning of the age at aquarius?

Issue #129


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Is this the dawning of the age at aquarius?

by Bret Kelly

Some astrologers say that the Age of Aquarius began in 1997,

others say not until 2060 and some say it already began way back in
1962. And you thought figuring out if the Millennium begins now or
next year was confusing.’ Whatever you believe, there’s no denying
that astrology has a large following and ifyou’re a novice or an expert
there’s plenty of knowledge to be found:

Real Astrology –

My personal fave astrology pick-me—up. Found in most Weeklies
around North America, Rob Brezsny’s column is available freely on
the Web and updated every Wednesday Other silliness includes a
personality test and Answers to Your Astrological Questions. Astrology –

I know I always push this site, but they have all the bases covered
and astrology hasn’t been excluded. The clever folks at have
daily readings, love matches, resources and related books for online

Astrology Online –

Boasting itself as “The largest horoscope and astrology page on the
net!” this site does have a lot going for it, if you can get past the
clunky navigation. Good beginners stop ifyou’re just getting into the
stars. Daily and weekly readings with sun sign explanations.

My Gay Canada – www.mygaycanadancom/horoscopes.htm

Vancouver’s Gay Lesbian and Bisexual Guide’s astrology column,
with readings done by Madam Lichtenstein, who claims that “ a solar
eclipse in Aqueerius “conjuncts” Uranus”, but you knew that already
Little bit of fun and mainly for laughs.

Queerscopes –

Very brief forecasts, which is all I will say about this site. –

Slickly designed site. Like most commerce based sites its goal is to
get you to purchase something. Get lured in by the free stuff and
think you’ll get more if you pay. Reality is, if you dig deeper some-
where else on the net, the information is already available for free.
Proceed with caution at sites like this, take the free stuff and run.

AstroAdvice –

Created by Eugenia Last of the Toronto Sun, this is a membership
site. Enter in your birth data and get the 30 day free trial. Pretty
good information, complete with charts and forecasts. Also, try a Free
membership at the dating site: AstroMate.

StarMatch –

US-based dating site that matches your astrological profile with
others around the world. Again, get 30 days free and then hounded
by email for weeks begging you to join. Only had two responses to
my ad, one from a woman and the other from a guy, who claimed to
look like Anthony Michael Hall (the young one). Never met either
of them.