#Issue 128 – It’s the end of the year as we know it

Issue #128

Surfing & Cruising

It’s the end of the year as we know it

This is the last issue of the millennium and it marks my anniver-
sary; for a year and a bit I’ve been writing Surfing and Cruising, the
world’s longest running gay internet column. When I first took over
the column I wasn’t sure where it would lead, but its proven to be fun
and a nice break from what I normally do (Web design). People have

been extremely supportive and I’ve even been recognized on the street

(note to self — get a better picture). All and all, a great year!

Many things have happened on the Net and it’s been difficult to
keep up with it all. Technology has moved so quickly that as soon as
you download the latest version of whatever software a newer upgrade
becomes available. The amount of people on the Internet has quadru-
pled and it’s no longer the tiny club that it once was. Finally, it’s
become accepted and not the novelty that some doomsayers thought
it would become.

Over the past year, I’ve tried to answer as many as your e—mails as
I could. Curiously, my e-mail goes up whenever I write about a sex-
related topic and goes down when I write about shopping or some-
thing as exciting as Cher.

Here are the answers to the most asked questions that I’ve received
over the last year (in order):

1) AOL and gay.com have the best chat rooms.

2) www.cruisingforsex.com is the best place to find cruising spots ‘

on the net.

3) I don’t where you can find naked pix of…(insert male celebrity

4) And yes I’m still single.

You may have noticed that the column has gone on to become
mainly links. This is due to size restrictions and I felt it was better to
squeeze in as many sites as possible. I figured choosing a topic and
then selecting gay-related URLs was the best way to go with the
amount of words that I have to work with. As there are more Web
pages than there are people on the earth, it would be impossible to list
every site that’s available but I’m trying.

If you haven’t scanned your computer for Y2K compliance, it’s still
not too late. For PC users go here:
ml and download Net2OO Scanner. Mac users aren’t free of this prob-
lem either, as some of the software you are using may not be compli-
ant. If you have a Mac go here: www.tri—edre.com/y2k/ and download

Hopefully, everyone is going to be out and about during the holi-
day season. If you do find yourself stuck in the house, type this in:
www.facelink.com. It’s a great way to post your picture without mak—
ing an entire site and excellent for chat rooms.